Different Ways to be a Woman (Desert Version)

The Pearl, palm, cotton rope, glitter, pine, leaves, 2018. 

Inspired by my stepfather’s sudden death,  I created my version of a pearl. Something definitely got in and irritated me to my core and produced something new, shiny and valuable. 

The Rose (Conway Twitty Version), palm, hair extensions, 2018.

Being forced to come up with new ways of seeing the self. Old versions of  personal value and success are no longer relevant.  

Rainbow Serpent (Black Bible), (70” x  11 1/2”), used ribbons, 2018.

Rainbow Serpent is the “creator god” within the Australian Aboriginal Creation Story. 

I want you, (“16 x 20”), cotton, polyester thread, 2018. 

Named for Marvin Gaye song. I made this for my sister she has spent a long time in a hopeless, unrequited love situation. I wanted one last good memory when I think of her we are no longer speaking and our family is now raising her daughter. 

You can touch me there,  (16” x 20”), fabric, dried flowers, gold thread, 2019.

Artemis, (12 1/2” x 13 1/2”),  mixed media, 2018. 

Bronte, bra, hair extensions, dried flowers, 2018.
Untitled, bra, dried flowers, 2018.

Origin Of The World, (11” x 14”), mixed media, 2018.