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Sycorax’s Daughter, The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Cedar Grove Press

Solo Exhibitions
7 Minutes in Heaven/Blue Velvet, The Thief Hotel, Oslo, Norway

Group Exhibitions           
Lumi Crew Meets the Spirit of Many Faces, Gabriel Rolt Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lumicrew, Billytown, Den Haag, Netherlands

11 miles of color, Scottsdale Public Arts Council, Scottsdale Civic Center, Scottsdale AZ

Black Lives Matter Exhibition, MCLA Gallery 51, 51 Main Street,  North Adams, MA

I want you: portraits of my mother, La Ira De Dios, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Untitled/Death Wants You, Expozine, Montreal, CA

#seemetakeover, Times Square, New York, NY

Women’s Work, The LeRoy Neiman Art Center, New York, NY

Native Sons and Daughters, Myrtle Windows Gallery, Brooklyn NY

Seven Minutes in Heaven, Can Serrat, El Bruc, Spain

#Creatives Rising Digital Exhibition, See Me Gallery, LIC, NY

The Story of the Creative, The Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art, New York, New York and See. Me NYC gallery, LIC, NY

Como by Us Experimental Video, Bibliotheca Communale, Como Italy and Lake Como Film Festival 2013, Como, Italy

Lumi Crew Artist Dance Performance for Arteles Creative Center, K Supermarket Hameenkyro, Finland 

Chapel, Arteles Creative Center, Haukijarvi, Finland

this is not about race, Arteles Creative Center, Haukijarvi, Finland

What’s Left Behind: A Patchwork Story curated by Daonne Huff, Myrtle Windows Gallery, Brooklyn NY

God Hearts Henri (video), curated and screened by Anna Puhakka, Hesa Inprint

Super Hero Cape, Arts in Bushwick, Office Ops Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Monticello + Lynching = America, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY

Self Portrait, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY

Bachelor of Arts, Sarah Lawrence College, 2002

7 Minutes in Heaven is my ongoing one on one exploration. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet,  I  created an installation of Blue Velvet 7 Minutes in Heaven at the luxury hotel, The Thief in Oslo, Norway.  The participant interacts alone with me  (my interpretation of Dorothy Vallens) in the dark for 7 minutes. Additionally created original masks and artwork for the installation.


7 minutes in heaven is an interactive closet installation named for the American adolescent make out game. Every place it has been installed has it’s own mystery.

I WANT YOU: PORTRAITS OF MY MOTHER is a performance installation created in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Messina, Sicily. I started by creating a web under which to perform. The web represents the traditional maternal energy of the spider. The dance was based on constriction. Women around the world are familiar with creating movement and expression within confinement.

**Estampitas are little prayer cards commonly found in Buenos Aires, they are traditionally an intimate way to connect and pray to the Virgin Mary, the mother. I created my own for my performance so the attendants could feel closer to me (as mother). Paper, 3 x 4 (part of the I WANT YOU: PORTRAITS OF MY MOTHER INSTALLATION)**

GOD HEARTS HENRI is about a suicidal young woman called Henri. On Christmas eve, Jesus materializes as female and a comforting presence at the precipice of despair.  

The VIRGINS are a set of eight prints inspired by Carrie Mae Weems’s “May Days Long Forgotten.”  American girls and women existing as images of innocence and beauty.  Printmaking, 8.5 x 5.5 - 10.5 x 6.5 

DOLLY AND ME is my early childhood on an Indian Reservation in the South where the earliest visual references and cultural icons were country music stars Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard and Conway Twitty.

The Beautiful Ones, watercolor, 14 x 20

Milk and Honey, watercolor, 14 x  20

Moreneta, embossing, 14 x 20

SM, found cotton rope, 17 x 80

SELF PORTRAIT/ROPE SKIRT, organic cotton rope, metal hoop, 61 x 34
(“Amber, you speak for generations of women who never had a voice......” )

SUPERHERO (CAPE), organic cotton rope, gold thread, 48 x 75

LEARNING TO LIVE AT PEACE TIME,  burlap, thread, 8 x 33

I AM NOT SORRY, canvas, thread, 4 x 7 each

THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE, canvas, thread, 4 x 7 each

MONTICELLO, cotton, tobacco, hay, paper, cardboard
Model of Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia. It is made from “cash crops” tobacco and cotton and made by the hands of a former cash crop. I am descended from slaves which were at one time a cash crop like cotton and tobacco. Surrounding the installation were actual lynching postcards including a postcard where I lynched myself. Postcards are a popular souvenir from an experience you want to remember or share. Postcards were referenced from “Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America” by Hilton Als and James Allen.